Kelly Calabrese

Eyes: Hazel  / Hair: Auburn / Height: 5'3"

HairKutz Lead - Hair Stylist NYCastings
On the Case Under 5 - Victim Discovery ID
Deep Abyss Lead - Wife Naman Gupta Films
REDRUM Under 5 - Neighbor Discovery ID
VoIP Lead - Girlfriend RayaFilms
PBS NOVA Under 5 - Attendant The Fabric of the Cosmos
The Grey Corridor Lead - Young Wife Fortress Features
Asphalt, Muscle, Bone Lead - Muse Red Dress Films
The Vow Lead - Prostitute Columbia Grad Student Short Film
Heist Lead - Young Wife Columbia Grad Student Short Film
Cubical Jerks Lead - Office Exec. Midnight Run NYC Finalist

AT&T Spokesperson Product Launch Videos
Stryker TV Host Medical Training Videos
RealTVFilms Host Red Carpet Interviews
Pfizer Co-Host Pharmaceutical Industrial
NYCastings Host Spotlight on Actors
PopEater Guest Host Celebrity Scoops
Hollyscoop Host Red Carpet Interviews

The Usual Suspects Improv Ensemble BoCoCa Arts Festival 2010 Season 2 Ensemble 10Ton Productions on Actors
Stanley House Team The PIT NYC Improv

Scottish Sperm Teacher Montreal ZooFest - Grant Kretchik
Waiting for Dr. Hoffman Business Woman Roy Arias NYC - Jamibeth Margolis
Sex in MommyVille Hot Mama Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Wasn't Me Solo - Who Dunnit? The PIT NYC
An Oak Tree Father Barrow Street Theatre, NY
Marriage of Bette & Boo Bette Brennen Dickinson Theater, NY
Stage Door Jean Maitland Dickinson Theater, NY
You Cant' Take It With You Essie Carmichael Cabaret Theater, NJ

Ongoing Acting Classes Sande Shurin Sande Shurin Studios
On-Camera Commercial Brooke & Mary House Prod
On-Camera Television Erica Jensen Calleri Casting
On-Camera Soaps Bob Lambert One on One NYC
Improvisational Comedy The PIT NYC Ali Farahnakian, Ptolemy Slocum
Kurt Braunohler, TJ Jagodowski
Available Upon Request

Improv, On-Camera Hosting, Teleprompter, Kickboxing, Tennis, Club & Zumba Dancing, Running, Scuba (PADI certified), Poetry, Sailing, Skiing, Traveling, Sales/Marketing, Valid Drivers License and U.S. Passport.

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